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Fall Mantra

Updated: May 7, 2021

I have been really reflective as we turn the page on the summer season and enter my favorite season, Fall. The changing of the seasons really symbolizes starting fresh for me. I love the blank canvas that it creates for my life. I always try to think of new goals or points of focus that I want to hold onto as we start fresh in a new season. Something that really stands out in my head as my point of focus for the fall season is "letting go"...

Letting go means so many things to me right now... My family is starting a season of letting go as we embark on a new adventure and move out of our home and into a new one. We spent the past two years in this home, renovating it, living in it, bringing our sweet baby home and becoming new parents inside these walls... Lots of memories that we will cherish forever happened inside this home! But we are ready to let go, and move forward on our journey as a family. We felt called to move and lean into a new season for our family. I couldn't be more excited for this next chapter! We are moving into a beautiful stone cottage that was built in 1930, with a big peaceful yard, located in an area with a thriving and growing community. Having this to look forward to is making it so much easier for me to let go of our current home and all the memories and moments that go along with that. Letting go is never easy, and it will always be bittersweet. But so much growth and beauty can happen if we allow ourselves to let go and look ahead.

A mantra I am choosing to focus on during this season is...

"If you want to be light, you have to let go"

I am trying to repeat this to myself over and over and over. We are packing up our things, cleaning out our closets and furniture, drawers filled with extra "stuff" that we know we won't miss if we just let go... I am trying to move forward into a season of minimalism for myself and for my family. I can be a very anxious person at my core. I am so in tune to what needs to be done, how others around me are feeling, what's on my "to-do" list, etc. Simplifying my life is what I need and crave. As a new mother, having extra "stuff" to care for just does not serve me in this busy season. As we move into our new home, we chose to downsize into a much smaller home than our last. Our new home is a small quaint cottage, with a beautiful kitchen and open dining room, one living room, and just one bathroom on the main level... yep you heard me right! ONE bathroom! But I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this simple chapter for our family. That is one bathroom to clean, one bathroom for our littles to gather, for all of us to brush our teeth and get ready for bed at night. Often our culture feeds us messages that we need MORE, and BIGGER.... more things, more space, bigger homes, bigger closets, etc. I am trying to go against these messages that are in my face every day and trust my intuition and desires. I actually desire LESS if I really look inward and listen to my heart. Just something I'm working on right now.

I am also trying to let go of my old habits, old ways, and old perception of myself. I am really trying to lean into letting go of the notion in my head that I'm not enough. That is a tough one for me. As I try new things in my life, and am branching out beyond my comfort zone in this current season that I am in, I know that I have to let go of my self-limiting beliefs. This past year has been a whirlwind of change for me. I became a mama, we entered into a pandemic, I made the challenging decision and leap of faith to take time away from my job as a NICU nurse and stay home with my little one, I became a certified yoga instructor and began teaching yoga and fitness classes, our families moved close to us, and we developed new traditions and routines as one big family combining my husband's and my family. This season is beautiful, chaotic and peaceful at the same time, and just feels right. I absolutely miss my job as a nurse, and am so thankful for the last 7 years that I spent learning and growing while working in the NICU. But I am fully embracing this calling to be a mother right now, and not taking our little one to a daycare facility is just working for our family and our vision of how we always wanted to raise our babies. Gratitude has been at the forefront of my mind for all of the amazing blessings that have been poured on us. As my husband and I began our life together it felt cloudy for a long while. During the beginning of our marriage we entered into a season of darkness. My husband's father had a terrifying stroke right before our wedding, family problems came to light, my husband was trying to run a failing restaurant business, we were dealing with so much financial uncertainty and fear, and we began a journey of fertility struggles and frustrations. It was a tough chapter for our marriage. But looking back now and seeing how it all had to unfold that way for us to get here now... I would go back and do it all over again if I had to. So I am leaning into this loving, peaceful, beautiful and crazy season of life as a family, and embracing every single moment of the beautiful chaos. There is nothing like being a mama, and my whole world has changed because of it. I want to cherish every minute of it, and let go of any notion in my head that I am not good enough, or that I'm not right where I'm supposed to be.

Does any of this resonate with you or what's going on in your life?

Are you feeling yourself enter into a new season, or walking through a season that has been tough for a while?

Can you think of ways in which the Fall season can be a fresh start for you and your family?

Does the mantra "If you want to be light, you have to let go" resonate with you?

I hope you allow yourself time to reflect as we say goodbye to the summer and hello to the fall and winter. I hope you have a very blessed Fall season and can find many things in your life to be grateful for right now, and I hope as a mama you share that gratitude and love with your babies who need it!



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